P802 - Skype Gateway


  • Embedded hardened STEALTHOS. Delivers high level of security, excellent performance, and outstanding reliability.
  • Standalone plug & play gateway.
  • Easy setup in one minute. No external PC or software installation required.
  • Telephony Interfaces. 2-4 phones (FXS) or 1 line (ISDN BRI).

Skype Functions

  • Using regular home phone to make Skype call to Skype users and SkypeOut calls to conventional phones.
  • Receiving incoming Skype calls, as well as SkypeIn calls.
  • Smart SkypeOut calling. Automatically detects country and area code when calling local users.
  • Smart dialing plan, speed-dial support.
  • Access control. Restricts SkypeOut calls to allowed users and numbers only.

Web UI

  • Web UI. Makes it easy to configure and control system.
  • Smart phone book. Automatically imports Skype contact list into phone address book.
  • Online monitor. Shows real-time status of Skype network and SkypeOut credit balance.
  • Call log system. Keeps track of detailed call logs, including caller, callee, call time, call duration, and etc.