F601 - UTM Firewall


  • Embedded hardened STEALTHOS. Delivers high level of security, excellent performance, and outstanding reliability.
  • Web-based management interface. Provides an easy and highly secured SSL channel to configure and control the whole system.


  • Patented STEALTH technology. Undetectable from the Internet and capable of running in transparent and routing modes simultaneously.
  • Multi- WANs and LANs. Utilize a unique multi-routing architecture with NAT and PAT support to protect multiple networks by single UTM.
  • Bandwidth control. Utilizes outbound maximum bandwidth and delay time of each IP or group.
  • Load balancing. Provides redundant WAN connectivity and load balancing flexibility.


  • Flow control and anomaly filter. Monitor packet flows to block anomaly traffic to avoid network abuse efficiently.
  • Layer 2 packet control. Provides IP/MAC binding, and protects network from packet spoofing and flooding attacks.
  • Anti-Virus. Inline-scans and removes viruses, spyware, adware, and malware attached in email or www contents spread via SMTP, POP3, and HTTP.
  • Anti-Spam. Provides a variety of algorithms to analyze email contents and thus identify spam signatures.

Application Control

  • IM/P2P management. Smart packet inspection benefits rich IM/P2P control including behavior auditing and access restrictions.
  • URL filtering and Anti-Phishing. Block access to improper, harmful, dangerous, or forgery websites.
  • WWW & Email auditing. Provides real-time detailed logs and generates reports to administrators regularly.


  • DHCP server. Provides dynamic IP assignment, static IP/MAC mapping, and DHCP relay as well.
  • DNS server. Features split DNS functions to enable domain name resolution for Internet and Intranet separately.
  • PPTP/IPSec server. Provides great compatibility with Microsoft Windows PPTP/IPSec applications, which avoids installing third-party applications.
  • SSL VPN. Provides an alternative effective solution to create client-to-site and site-to-site VPN tunnels between remote users and offices in an enterprise.
  • SNMP support. Allows network management tools to gather various information of network system status and network statistics.

Statistics & Analysis

  • Web-based all-in-one system status pages. Summarizes real-time network status, CPU temperature, fan speed, and etc.
  • Web-based interactive report generator. Provides comprehensive charts to help administrators analyze reported incidents.
  • Intelligent log analyzing system. Provides detailed information for network usage, anomaly traffic, policy violation, and etc.
  • Real-time traffic monitoring system. Shows network traffic statistics, such as active sessions and top bandwidth users, with detailed information.
  • ALLCLEAR Toolkit. Provides logs, statistics, analysis and central management functions with unlimited user licenses. The Toolkit can provide comprehensive tables and graphs for results of interest.