Unitop Co. was founded in 2000. Our goal to providing our customers the most comprehensive information with the best services. We have focused on network and information security related topics for eleven years, providing innovative technologies and products. All product lines are named DIGICODE network appliance.

Management Goal

"Active, Service, Innovation" are our prime rules. We prvide customers valuable consulation in order to provide our customers the best solution for them. Further, we provide thoroughly service to ensure customer satisfaction. As a result, we have built our brand name and reputation in the industry.

This attitude can also be observed from our products: In addition to providing high quality products, we spent lots of R&D man power to keep our products/solutions updated in response to fast changing Internet environment. We also carefully listen to our customers, in order to make our products the best for our customers.

Innovated Technologies

We have successfully created a secure, stable, high performance operation system, STEALTH OS, for embedded systems, which is the fundamental of our outstanding products. Further, our strong R&D team has proposed several innovated technologies and patents. All of the above make DIGICODE one of the leading network security companies worldwide.

Scope & Future

Our products currently can be divided into three different categories: UTM Network Firewall, Secured Network Attached Storage, and Skype Gateway. Additionally, we also focus on information and network security related prodcuts and technologies, i.e. Intrusion Dectection Systems (IDS), Intrustion Prevention Systems (IPS), Remote Backup System, Android Security System and etc. Based on our success in security products, we continue working on other network products/solutions. We will do our best to bring the society a clean, beautiful network environment.