X103 - Secure NAS


  • Advanced data encryption. Provides high security and prevents information leak.
  • Various encryption architectures. Include whole disk encryption, partial disk encryption, and per user encryption.
  • Encryption Algorithms. Supports 256/512 bits AES, DES, 3 DES, Twofish, SHA, MD5.
  • Surveillance. Support external USB surveillance camera. User can view real-time video stream from web UI.


  • Embedded hardened STEALTHOS. Delivers high performance and high reliability.
  • Three HDD trays. Each can support HDD size up to 2TB. (HDD not included.)
  • Two 1000Base-TX Ethernet ports. Can be connected to two different LANs at the same time.
  • Large LCD panel. Displays important system information, e.g. IP address, system load, CPU temperature, fan speed, and disk usage, in a round robin fashion.
  • Emergency notification. When abnormal circumstances occur, corresponding crisis information will be brought up on the LCD preempted to notify users. Additionally, sound alarm is generated to notify users.
  • Three USB slots. Support hot pluggable external devices, e.g. UPS, multi-function printer (FAX/Printing), hard disks, and surveillance camera.
  • Integrated multi-function card reader. Supports 50 kinds of hi-speed memory cards: micro SD, SD, SDHC, XD, MMC, MS, MS PRO DUO, M2.
  • Easy system backup and restore. System administrators can export and import system configuration, system data and user data easily.
  • Easy firmware upgrade.
  • Dynamic DNS support.

RAID Function

  • RAID 5 supports.
  • CIFS. Provides network file sharing mechanism compatible with Microsoft and SMB protocols.
  • User management. Provides capability of creating and managing unlimited number of users. Each user has individual profile and permissions.
  • Access control management. Provides fine-grained access control matrix for each individual directory and each user.
  • Backup system. Provides up to 3 sets of backup with customizable schedules. User can recover old versions of their data.

Web UI

  • Web UI. Provides an easy setup and management interface via 128bit SSL encrypted channel.
  • Web-based file manager. Provides complete file operations including browse, copy, move, delete, upload, and download.
  • Secure download. Facilitate users share their file on network by creating a temporary and unique URL for easy download. Optional notification email sending is also available.
  • Web-based restore manager. Helps users browse/restore their files from 3 backup sets.
  • Graphical status and statistics reports. Help administrators monitor system status.
  • Detailed system and access logs. Provide complete system auditing.


  • Integrated groupware. Helps users collaborate with others by using web browser or mobile devices.
  • Groupware calendar system. Enables users to plan their own schedules and view others' public schedule.
  • Groupware message system. Facilitates user send/reply messages to other users.
  • Groupware bulletin system. Provides users a public message broadcasting and discussion venue.
  • Handy address book. Helps users store contact information like phone, fax, email, address, and etc.